Are you fed up of being on a diet?

Cabbage Soup, Lemon Detox, High fat, Low Fat, No Fat, Baby Food, No Carbs - the list goes on

Do you restrict foods from your diet only to crave them more?

Have you been on a plan where you can " eat as much as you like" of certain foods?

Our relationships with food can be complex and can be learned behaviour that just needs adjusting. Were you told as a child "Eat all of that up and you will grow up to be a big girl/boy"

How about - if you don't clear that plate you are not having any dessert!

Do you have an emotional attachment to food that brought you comfort during a childhood incident or traumatic event?

Perhaps you just eat beyond being full and your portion sizes are out of control. 

Weight reduction through hypnotherapy is all about re framing the way we look at food and our relationship with it.

This is NOT A DIET, this is a mind shift and there are NO SCALES! and yes you can eat the things you enjoy.


Happy relaxed Mum - Happy  relaxed baby