Infertilty, Hypnobirthing &
Women's Sexual Health

Sex, a pleasurable and joyful experience, a natural part of being human and one of the best ways to bust stress tension and anxiety. Sex can be complicated for Women, who are often led by their emotions sexually which can cause anxiety and stress and that often make chasing that big O impossible preventing the release of all of those feel good hormones and inevitably creating more stress and anxiety.

Sex ( unless working with IVF is also necessary to make a baby, and why I package all of these element together here.


What is unexplained infertility?

1 in 4 couples are given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, after months of trying and the roller coaster of associated emotions left lost, frustrated and not knowing where to turn. 

Recent research has shown that not only is hypnotherapy an effective aid to natural conception but also when used in conjunction with IVF. It can lower stress and anxiety, which can affect hormone levels and create a mental block to conception. Tests have shown that hypnotherapy can lower a woman's levels of the hormone prolactin which suppress-es ovulation.

Fertility and Sterility published a study which showed that 55% of the previously infertile women who used mind-body techniques conceived, in comparison with 20% of the group who didn't use this technique. 

Another study published in the Journal Of The American Medical Women's Association revealed that 42% of 132 women who experienced difficulty becoming pregnant conceived within six months of completing a mind-body programme.​ An Israeli study of 185 women found that the success rate of IVF treatments doubled from one to 28% when the ladies had hypnosis during implantation. ​In hypnotherapy we believe that the mind and the body are one. Hypnotherapy can be somewhere to turn when you don't know where to go next. 

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Hypnobirthing - Happy relaxed Mum - Happy relaxed baby


Hypnobirthing is as natural as giving birth and is designed to reduce the fear and anxiety that many mothers have surrounding giving birth. It will help to build your confidence in the very natural process of giving birth through practising breathing and relaxation techniques to enable the management of unwanted feelings and sensations and allowing you as the mother to enjoy the birthing experience

Giving birth is the most natural and for many the most terrifying, yet rewarding experience. Hypnobirthing can help you to manage your pain and prepare you for motherhood and enhancing that special and unique bond with your baby.


My packages are delivered on a one to one basis. Working with you in the last weeks of your pregnancy over a 7 week programme.

Each package is tailored to each expectant mother as no two pregnancies are the same. but all packages will include relaxation techniques and audio for use independently.