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You are what you eat - Are you not?

Updated: Jan 18

We all have to eat.

Our bodies need fuel, and we can chose what, when and how we decide to fuel ourselves to perform in the most optimal and efficient way based on the needed output right?

Do you consider the types of foods and nutrients that will help brain function for breakfast in a morning? Do you consider the amounts of vitamin B12, or Magnesium, in your daily intake of food? Have you ever thought in detail about what you eat for breakfast or lunch and why?

Do you know the benefits of Ashwaganda (It can reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, and boost fertility, or Maca promoting increased fertility and libido, both powders you can blend into a morning smoothie and then there are the seeds to add to your porridge or yoghurt - Chia Seeds full of antioxidants, fibre and protein, and pumpkin seeds offering up Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The chances are you don't because unless you seek out to find these things they aren't generally found in the generic breakfast aisle at the supermarket.

Take a look at some of the health benefits of switching up your traditional breakfast routine and see what you find out, What you eat can be an important factor in your weight, high sugar breakfasts can create spikes in your blood sugar setting you up to be hungry again within a short space of time or encouraging you to snack.

For many people the simplest and easiest solution for weight loss is following well known slimming club systems, or some kind of pill, shake or snack bar system. It works, for many people, for some it does not work. For some people it works only for them to find themselves a year or two later back up at the weight they were or sometimes even bigger.

According to Diet Chef the average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet!

As a hypnotherapist I prompt people to consider several things in understanding their relationship with food, and their weight. I ask that people are honest and take the time to really consider the following questions:

Why do you eat?

What do you eat?

When do you eat?

Are you present and conscious when you eat - Can you remember what your last meal really tasted like?

Do you snack between meals?

Do you comfort yourself with food?

Do you reward your children with food/treats?

The reason for a free consultation with my clients is that everyone is different. Literally 7 billion people on the planet and we all have a completely different make up, fingerprint, genetic code.

In considering hypnotherapy for weight loss it is important to understand the triggers, habits and thought processes that surround mealtimes, snacking and overall wellness.

This approach is always based on a mindset - this is not a diet.

For one person Like TV presenter Anna Richardson who famously lost weight working with a hypnotherapist. her food challenges were related to a trigger set back in her childhood, being comforted with food during a traumatic event.

For another person it could be overeating, portion size control, for another it could be eating a combination of fatty sugary foods, consuming lots of "low calorie" fizzy drinks spiking blood sugars constantly, and as a result wanting to eat more of the same food, a habit and a chemical drive within your body. It could be learned behaviour that you have always just eaten certain things, haven't really thought about trying something new or making the association between your food intake and your weight and or overall mood, and brain functionality.

There is also self confidence, self worth, motivation and other emotional triggers to be thrown into the mix.

If you are fed up of dieting and want to reduce your shape and size to one that is perfect for you, give me a call for a chat or book a free consultation

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