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Wedding Speeches - A terrifying toast?

As the restrictions are eased, weddings are back. For many, that long awaited day is finally about to arrive. A day of celebration with friends and family, a day filled with love, laughter, happiness and the all important speeches.

A day that has most likely in the last 18 months been booked, cancelled and re booked is fast approaching, the excitement and joy are bubbling like a freshly poured glass of celebratory champagne. That moment, the speeches, and suddenly, all eyes are on you, the person delivering the speech, best man, father of the bride, groom, maid of honour. Your moment in the spotlight has arrived, as you look out to the sea of faces, how do you feel?

There are those of us that can comfortably and confidently stand up in front of a room filled with people and easily deliver a few words, a toast and sometimes an extended and hilarious speech.

There are others who from the day they receive the delightful news of the wedding, simultaneously feel a little seed of dread plant itself in their subconscious, and the triggering thought is one of standing up in front of the room and making a speech.

Research suggests that around 40-45% of people have a fear of public speaking so you are certainly not alone.

There you are, waiting, anticipating the moment when you are introduced to the eagerly awaiting crowd, trying to keep your composure, but on the inside you are terrified.

You feel your heart racing, which may have been encouraged by the large amounts of alcohol you have self medicated with to try and ease your anxiety. You have barely slept worrying about it and now in the moment you have sweaty palms, dry mouth, a churning stomach and have been to the bathroom more than once. You feel sick to your stomach and just want it to be over as quickly as possible.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Delivering the perfect speech is not only about the writing of the speech but it is about, your energy, your body language, confidence, self belief, congruence, and composure. Your body needs to be operating from its parasympathetic nervous system, a place of calm, not in fight or flight.

I can coach you using techniques that will prepare you to feel confident and in control and hypnosis offers the opportunity to address the subconscious with positive suggestions that will support and allow you to deliver a memorable and confident speech, who knows, you could even enjoy it!

Let's have a chat about how hypnosis can ease any fear, anxiety and worry and increase your confidence and self belief.

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