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Thinking and Feeling, Feeling and Thinking

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Can you change the way you think and therefore the way you feel?

Can you actually change your brain by thinking differently?

Experts believe that is is possible to have up to 60,000 thoughts a day and up to 90 % of those thoughts are the same as the thoughts we had the day before. What to eat, what to wear, what time is it, driving to work, driving from work, body image thoughts, family, friendships, relationship thoughts.

How good are your thoughts? Is the quality of your life reflected in the quality of your thoughts?

By time most people get to 35 they have become a sense of set behaviours, beliefs, and perceptions and are a definition of a set of feelings or emotions which are created from past experiences.

35 years of thinking and feeling – feeling and thinking.

IIf we think about this for a moment, if we are thinking negative, self deprecating thoughts – up to 90% of the time, it will be relatively easy to get stuck into a hard wired pattern of negative thinking that becomes embedded, normal.

Neuroscience and specifically Hebbs Law tells us that nerve cells that fire together – wire together. The same thoughts the same feelings the same emotions, firing together and hard wiring our brain into that state of mind/identity/personality.

So if you have spent many years thinking a negative thought and attaching it to a negative feeling it will continue to fire off more negative thoughts and feelings. Creating deeper neural pathways in the brain.

What if you were to think a positive thought?

You could choose to try and think a positive thought but after 35 years of thinking the same negative thoughts that one positive thought will potentially be lost, however you can choose to recognise the negative thought patterns and attached feelings and replace them with a set of positive thoughts and feelings consistently.

This will allow your brain to re wire itself – creating new neural pathways and eroding the older ones

Take a look at this incredible video by Sentis that explains to you how you can re wire your own brain.

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