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See it to believe it.

Do you feel fulfilled in all areas of your life? Family, Work, Money. Adventure, Wellbeing, Relationships?

Perhaps you are someone who believes that you “can’t have it all” Life just isn’t like that.

When was the last time you stopped to think about your happiness, how fulfilled you are? What do you value and what are your goals? For many of us the pandemic has given us the gift of time, an opportunity to truly delve into these questions.

I dare you to imagine that you could build a new vision for yourself, in your minds eye, in a notebook, do you dare to dream by placing your wants and desires on a vision board do you even know what one of those is? If you imagined this new vision for yourself would it come true?

“With our thoughts, we make the world” Buddha

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe” - Oprah Winfrey

For most people entertaining the thought of creating a vision board, daring to dream, even considering the laws of attraction and manifestation are instantly met with the voice of doubt, " it's all woo woo" " you can't just think something up and it appears", I beg to differ and in thinking those thoughts, you will inevitably get that result, If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.

This voice, that comes from somewhere deep in your subconscious mind, (more about that later) tells you all the reasons why what you want is not possible, talks you out of it, keeps you where you are.

This voice could he holding negative limiting self beliefs which have sat in your subconscious mind potentially since childhood, as up until the age of around 7 we live in our subconscious mind (which believes everything it is told and sees ) we can unknowingly install faulty programs that sit with us into adulthood and become this nagging negative voice of doubt, limiting our potential and possibilities.

There is a ton of research to back up the benefits of visualisation. Most commonly seen in sports psychology. One of the earliest studies* was conducted by sports psychologist Richard Suinn who found that skiers who visualised racing downhill fired electrical impulses and produced muscle patterns identical to those triggered when skiers actually hit the slopes.

Another ground breaking study** discovered that subjects who visualised doing bicep curls five times a week for a fortnight increased their strength by 13.5%. Now those who weight lifted saw an improvement of 30% in strength but come on, an additional 13.5% just by visualising? When using visualisation in hypnosis we have access tot he subconscious mind where these visualisations and suggestions are extremely powerful.

Creating a vision board

Now I am not saying simply cut and stick all of the things you desire in your life to a board and just like magic they will appear, this is a process.

We are creative beings and imagery creates emotion, emotion drives us subconsciously to make changes and take action.

What are you really yearning for? What is you why? How will these things you visualise make you feel?

Tune into that, ask yourself these questions before you get started. Creating a vision board enables you to slow down a little to engage your subconscious in a new realm, perhaps you are unsure what you desire from life, look through postcards, magazines, quotes, what jumps out to you? What images do you feel drawn to or connected with?

Top Tips for creating a vision board:

• Take time to think about what you want – and why

• Use all of your senses, and have fun

• Add drawings of your own, be lead by your subconscious

• Don’t rush and regularly update your vision board

• Feel the things you want the most – see them and save them, colours, places, material things

• Share your practice with someone who shares your dreams

A vision board can be an excellent tool, to help you to move in the direction of your dreams and goals. If you are having a bad day, self doubt and negativity have slipped in, you can look at your board and re focus on your goals, and think, yes, I can make this happen.

The vision board, creating it, seeing it everyday will help to shift your mindset, what you focus on is what you create, so focus on the things you want, on the positive.

Hypnosis is an excellent place to access your subconscious, helping to free you from limiting negative self beliefs and improve and enhance your performance as an individual or a sports professional.

Call or email me for a no obligation chat about what hypnotherapy can do for you.

*The Telegraph 2016

** Psychology today 2009

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