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Have you lived before? Would you like to know?

Past Life Regression fascinates me. I am a spiritual being and have always had a view that there is more to life than just here and now, that there is no real beginning or end, and that we are part of something much much bigger even if we cannot comprehend what that is,

I don't know where this thought process came from, it seems to have been instilled in me, I remember sitting as young as 8/9 years old wondering things like how did I become me? Why did I arrive in this family? Why was I born here in this town, this country? What is this all about? I look back now and think these were quite "out there" thoughts for one so young.

I grew up with a connection to the spirit world too, energies being around me, which I thought was normal, many of my visiting school friends would probably disagree on visiting our home. I had no aversion to it as a child but became more fearful of it as an adult, I think it is fair to say we fear what we do not know or understand.

Having discovered hypnotherapy and particularly Past Life Regression I have become fascinated with the stories I have heard, the accounts of past lives that ultimately have some sort of impact on our lives here and now, sometimes creatively, mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Do you have a love for specific things, hobbies, places, that has ever made you question or wonder why you love it so much or where that even comes from, or likewise why you are fearful of certain things?

People who are regressed can provide information about past lives and events that can be verified and checked and oftentimes they have no recollection of sharing the information during hypnosis, most sessions are recorded to be able to share this with the subjects.

I am looking to conduct some more closer to home research and am looking for 3 subjects who are interested in past life regression, this will initially be 4 sessions in person, and depending on where we go could lead to more.

I am offering this incredible regression hypnosis in return for a commitment from 3 people to attend the full 4 sessions, fully committed and wanting to understand more about themselves / their past lives, each session will be between 1-2 hours.

If you are interested in finding out more about past lives here are some resources to take a look at

Surviving Death - Episode 6 - Reincarnation

Many Lives many Masters - Book

Dolores Cannon - QHHT techniques for healing trauma from past lives

University of Virginia studies - 50 years of studying past lives

Please email me if you are local and able to be committed to this fascinating subject and would like more information

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