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Are you in pain?

Many spiritual teachers refer to as "an illusion" tell that to someone with excruciating back pain or tooth ache. Think about it though, if our body is involved in an accident or a traumatic event and the pain is so severe what happens, We pass out, switch off from the physical pain mentally.

I recently watched a live hernia removal, the patient using only hypnosis as a pain relief - no anaesthetic. Don't believe it - read on to watch the footage.

Have you ever gone to sleep with a graze, cut or blister that is throbbing only to not notice it while you are asleep and the second you wake up it's right there - you become aware of the pain and bang - there it is.

So what if we were to take our attention away from the pain? Remove the unwanted and unpleasant feeling?

If we dig a little deeper and consider our bodies own inner pharmacy, the incredible chemical factory that we have within each and every one of us at our disposal, is there a way to manage our own pain?

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for pain management, it can be effective in reducing pain and in some cases removing it completely.

It is important however to recognise in the first instance why the pain is present. Pain is our bodies way of telling us that there is something wrong and as a hypnotherapist I would not want to help to remove pain that is a warning signal or alert for something that needs addressing by a medical professional.

Hypnosis is so incredible at being able to eliminate pain and our association with it that is has also been used in surgical operations.

Hypnosis instead of anaesthesia - really?

Really !

James Esdale used hypnosis as an anaesthesia for surgery back in the early 1800s and performed hundreds of operations using just hypnosis. James Braid the pioneer of hypnosis around the same time published many articles in medical journals on using hypnosis for medical procedures.

Today trials are still being conducted using hypnosis as an alternative to anaesthesia, take a look at this incredible NHS networks article researching using hypnosis in cancer patients. Whether it is for the surgical procedure itself or as a tool to relax and sedate patients in preparation for surgery there is no doubt that hypnosis is an amazing tool in this environment.

"Hypnosis appears to be a useful technique for sedating patients undergoing brain surgery,” study researcher George Z. Lee, MD, says in an accompanying news release.

“Although there are limited data to document this, it appears that a hypnotic method can be a useful adjunct to anaesthesia and have the potential to reduce both recovery times and patient distress during brain surgery,” he says.


If you are fascinated by this take a look at Hypnosurgery LIVE which aired on Channel 4 back in 2006 where Dale Hitchman had a hernia removed under hypnosis. Dale had an aversion to General Anaesthetic and so opted for hypnosis for his surgery.


(note - grab a cup of tea and something delicious as its is a long one - Warning - also perhaps not for those who are squeamish)

At Liege hospital in Belgium over 9000 people have had procedures using hypnosis, some purely using hypnosis and some using a mixture of hypnosis and local anaesthetic - still meaning a 70% reduction in drug application. Read the article here

So if someone can have surgery under hypnosis and feel no pain, surely we can manage our day to day pain?

It is also important to remember that pain is unique to each individual, people feel it differently, some more extreme than others. One thing is for sure if pain is psychosomatic then hypnotherapy could really help.

Let's have a chat about your pain and pain management and see what we can do.

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