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Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Is defined as

“A feeling of worry nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome”

Given the current pandemic and as a result the world we now find ourselves in I think it would be fair to say that many of us are feeling one or all of these things at some point. If we then consider adding in to that the normal pressures and challenges of everyday life, families, work, relationships, money, mental health and lifestyle there are very few people not feeling some sort of anxiety.

Protests, uncertainty, black lives matter, all lives matter, far right and far lefts, civil disturbances, hate and race crimes genocides – all which have gone before us but now somewhat supersized by our online world and social media presence.

The recent documentary The Social Dilemma has shared with us some startling facts about our lives online, our data and how it is used. Perhaps the most startling fact for me was this

The pressures of social media appear to be particularly severe for teenage girls. Teenage suicide rates for girls since 2009 have grown 70% (and 151% for girls 10 – 14). Similar increases apply for non-fatal hospital admissions among the same cohorts. (source: The Social Dilemma)

and this

Teenagers clock an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes of media screen time daily – NOT including time spent using screens for school and homework. While this barely seems feasible given a day consists of 1440 minutes, the typical cellphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day. The study found that extreme cellphone abusers touch their devices more than 5,400 times daily.

We are anxious as adults and our young people are also living with various forms of anxiety and feelings of worry. Anxiety can be crippling and overwhelming or it can slowly chip a way at our mental health creating new negative neuroplasticity reinforcing negative feelings over and over leaving us feeling trapped in this mindset.

Hypnotherapy can help.

It is important to also understand that a certain amount of anxiety is built within us as an essential tool for survival – part of our “fight or flight system keeping us safe from danger or imminent threat. However in the 21st century we no longer need to be ready to fight or flight from a sabre toothed tiger, but this part of our brain and our nervous system is part of who we have evolved to be.

If anxiety is preventing you from living the life you desire and from finding your happy then contact me for a free consultation.

In the meantime here are some helpful tips for dealing with anxiety

Remember to breathe

The very first thing you do when you enter this world and the very last thing you do when you leave it is take a nice big breath. Throughout life we forget to consciously breathe. Just 3 deeps breaths can help engage your Vegas Nerve and activate the Parasympathetic nervous system, altering the chemicals in your brain and blood stream. Take in a deep full belly breath for a count of 5 – hold for a count of 3 and breathe out for a count of 6 – slow and steady. Take 3 breaths like this and notice instantly how you feel.

Try Meditation

Practising meditation takes time, but there are lots of great apps out there including Headspace, offering an introduction to meditation through guided meditations allowing your brain that pause from everyday thoughts and feelings.

Check the quality of your news feed

Find ethical sources of news and limit your screen time, check your social media feeds are the filled with inspirational messages and people or do the things you follow make you feel more anxious – you do have some control over what you see on social media.

Have a good bedtime routine

Turn off your phone at night, try to not look at your device right before sleep, try a meditation, a simple breathing exercise or read a book.

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