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A phobia of Christmas?

Fears and phobias are real. very real in fact to the person living with them. I write a lot about phobias, I find them fascinating and the super long names for each one are joyful.

Christougenniatikatophobia doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but what an incredible word, which Christmas related phobia is this? Read on to find out......

I was surprised and once more fascinated to learn, as you may be, that there are many phobias related to Christmas.

Here is an overview of some of them as categorised by Jerry Kennard Phd

Jerry is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.


Selaphobia is a fear of flashing lights. Houses adorned with lights, flashing tree lights are all too much for someone with Selaphobia They may avoid driving at night or going to nightclubs or places where there will be flashing lights. This phobia like many has often occurred due to a negative experience involving flashing lights.


Before I share this one I don't want any of you utilising it as a way to escape the relatives. Yes really this is a fear or phobia of siblings of relatives.

For those with Syngenesophobia merely thinking about relatives can cause an extreme feeling of anxiety, joking aside it can be so intense that it can in fact induce a panic attack.


For most traditional meat eating families this one may be unavoidable as it is the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner table - yes you guessed it the Turkey.

This is a phobia of Turkeys. As phobias are different for everyone many people living with Meleagrisphobia may be fine with a cooked turkey, but fear the feathers, the feet and the wattle.


This is one of two fears that babies are born with - the fear of loud sounds, so it could be a cracker bang that could set this fear off at Christmastime or fireworks.


Everyone loves receiving and opening Christmas presents right? Wrong, not everyone loves it. In fact some people have a fear and in its extreme a phobia of opening a gift. Stemming potentially from a social anxiety, all eyes watching for a reaction and response to the present opening, followed by the fear of having to say something.


This one relates to sitting down at the table about to tuck into the Christmas feast. This particular fear or phobia (meaning it is life limiting) is relatively rare and is related to a fear of eating or a fear of swallowing. This could relate back to a single or multiple traumatic events involving food and eating/choking. This can be a very serious phobia and be apparent in many eating disorders.


Is the fear of churches and can refer to either of two separate fears:

It could be the fear of the church building itself, or all church buildings, or it could be a fear of what the church represents to the individual.


Christmas isn't a joyful time for everyone. Some people have a fear of Christmas itself and all that it is, the tree, the festivities, the shopping, the songs, the noise.

This could once more have been caused by a previous or early childhood trauma surrounding Christmas and events associated with it.

As with all fears and phobias there are many things that may help, CBT, talking therapy and hypnotherapy.

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