Stress, Anxiety & Building Confidence


Stress is real. Anxiety is real - Both can be debilitating

We cannot always see it in ourselves, but more often recognise it in another person. We do not always recognise, that the feelings we are having in our physical body are being created by stress and anxiety

So how do we recognise it in ourselves, how can we better manage it? Perhaps your anxiety brings on panic attacks?


We cannot feel an emotion, without a thought. This can then become a vicious circle - thought creates a feeling, feeling creates a thought, thought creates a feeling...

Most of our stress and anxiety begins in the mind. It may start small and then fester over time, as we push it away or do our best to ignore it, even when it consistently wakes us up at 3am on a nightly basis. Stress can be a huge contributor to migraines, ulcers, eczema, IBS, hair loss and so much more and the longer we live with stress ,the more detrimental it is for our long term health. Living in a highly stressed state means that the body cannot repair itself.


Our reptilian brain function manages our stress response and in some cases a stress response is required to spark us into action to avoid danger. Since the beginning of humanity this response allowed us to allow us to run from a predator, ensuring our safety and survival and this instinctual response is as powerful today as it was then.


When we are stressed our brains receive information about a situation, and our brain will make a decision based on the presenting circumstances, a thought will occur about the situation and our brain will decide whether it needs t protect us or not. Anxiety is when we worry about the things that haven't yet happened, which can in turn leave us feeling stressed.


If our brains deem the thought and the situation "not safe" then it prompts our inner pharmacy to release adrenaline and cortisol, engaging the reptilian "fight or flight" response.

Modern life sees us activating this stress response more and more in everyday situations, perhaps your phone is about to run out of charge before an important call. or you are stuck in traffic, struggling to manage your workload, finances.


There are so many things we can do to manage our stress and anxiety better, using hypnosis can allow you to relax and as a hypnotherapist I can make suggestions to your subconscious mind to help you change beliefs and behaviours for the better.


Call me for a free consultation and to chat through a stress and anxiety management plan.


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