Past Life Regression

I have a belief that some of us have lived many lives. Working with Past Life Regression continues to confirm my personal beliefs that we have deep in our subconscious mind, memories of lives we have lived before, oftentimes to the finest detail, the names of our spouses, children and the places we have lived.  


A hypnotherapist can help you to access the deepest parts of your subconscious recall. Accessing a past life can give us insight into our current lives. I believe that we can access that all knowing part of ourselves that can be referred to as your higher self When we incarnate on Earth we forget our previous lives and connection to our souls and The Source.

There are many documented occasions of children under 5 referring to themselves as being someone else and living in another place - with another family. They display and recount actual memories of previous lives. Children of this age live in their subconscious and can easily access these memories, then as adults we lose this, however some adults have recurring dreams that can be connected to a past life.

I have researched this extensively and can offer some links for those who are more interested and equally fascinated by this subject. 

If you are interested in past life regression through hypnosis then please contact me.


Books: -

The Boy who knew too much

Many Lives, Many Masters

5 Lives remembered


Surviving Death - Netflix - Episode 6