Unique 10 week weight loss plan

In 2012 Diet Chef founder Kevin Dorren found in a study that:


The average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet.

Change your lifestyle and the way you think about food once and for all. 


  • Are you fed up of being on a diet?

  • Are you at least 14lbs over weight? 

  • Do you start a diet - go great, hit your goal and then watch as you regain the weight?

  • Have you been on a plan where you can "eat as much as you like" of certain foods?

  • Do you restrict foods from your diet only to crave them more?

  • Do you want to stop this yo yo dieting once and for all?

  • Do you crave certain foods that prevent you from losing weight?

  • Are you committed to losing weight and feeling great?

Cabbage Soup, Lemon Detox, High fat, Low Fat, No Fat, Baby Food, No Carbs - the list goes on

Our relationships with food can be complex and can be learned behaviour that just needs adjusting. Were you told as a child "Eat all of that up and you will grow up to be a big girl/boy"

How about - if you don't clear that plate you are not having any dessert! 

Perhaps you have an underlying emotional attachment to food that brought you comfort during a childhood incident or traumatic event?

Perhaps you just eat beyond being full and your portion sizes are out of control.  Weight reduction using hypnosis is all about re framing the way we look at food and our relationship with it.


My unique approach tackles the underlying issues you have with food, issues you may not even be consciously aware of. Using a  combination of hypnosis, NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and mindfulness. This approach allows us to work together to once and for all conquer your challenges with food and dieting.

What you will receive:

12 one to one sessions

Weekly support and accountability

A unique tailored package that is exclusively yours


This program is tailored to your specific needs and requirements for optimal and most beneficial lifestyle change and weight loss. 

Week  1 -  Two appointments. Consultation and relaxation / introduction hypnosis 

Week 2 - Two appointments One hypnosis session and One Mindfulness Coaching Session

Week 3 - One Hypnosis session and review 

Week 4 - One EFT session 

Week 5 - Confidence coaching session

Week 6 - Two Hypnosis sessions - releasing cravings and sugar addiction

Week 7 - One EFT session and nutritional advice session

Week 8 - Motivational coaching session

Week 9 - One Hypnosis session - Inner child work

Week 10 - One Hypnosis set for success session

What I am looking for from you:

  • Commitment for 10 weeks

  • A desire to change for the better

  • £650.00 

To find out if you would benefit from this life changing programme and to reserve your place, take my free Set for Success short questionnaire and schedule your first session today :)